Q. What causes nappy rash?
A. It's caused by a chemical reaction producing ammonia.
Q. Why does it occur?
A. It happens when babies are left to lie in a soiled and urine soaked nappy. Bacteria forms In the faeces and reacts to the stale urine by producing ammonia. Basically, the condition is exacerbated by infrequent nappy changing.
Q. What happens?
A. It stings and chaffs the tender new skin making it burn and itch.
Q. How do you solve it?
A. Solutions:
  • Change nappies often - whether they are cloth or disposables.
  • Clean the area gently with warm water and a mild cleanser, dry well with a soft cloth but do not rub.
  • Use a good talcum powder sparingly.
  • Consider using a protective barrier cream.
  • It doesn't do any harm to let baby kick happily without a nappy for a little while when ensconced safely on your knees. The fresh air helps to clear a rash and will keep baby's bottom dry.
  • Keep a vigilant lookout for sweat under arms, around the waist and neck too, as well as nappy rash areas.
  • Babies can tell you when they hurt is by crying.
  • Contact your child's pediatrician if a rash persists.