Smileygrowth™ offers a significant source of protein that factors into an optimum diet. Smileygrowth™ is specifically created for new-born babies and for infants up to 3 years old.
Smileygrowth™ has three noteworthy products. Our Cow Milk Powder is produced using the unique G+ System to provide all-round nutrition for infant needs.
The benefits of Smileygrowth™ offer 360-degree care for infants and babies.

What is the G+ System?
After intense research over a period of time and ongoing studies, Smileygrowth™'s unique G+ System has been developed to greatly assist bone development, to aid immensely in boosting the immune system and to support healthy development of the brain.

Smileygrowth™ Cow Milk Formula with the unique G+ System was especially put together to provide optimum nutrition for all infant needs.

G+ System adds to the immune system functions through the body building attributes of lactoferrin, nucleotides and the probiotic materials GOS and FOS - which improve the intestinal balance by assisting the digestive system to function properly, preventing astriction (binding) and maintaining intestinal health.
The core aims of the G+ System formula are: bone and other growth enhancement, good brain development, proper immune system function and a healthy digestive function.