Q. What is the cause of colic?
A. Affecting 1 in 5 babies, colic is a bit of a mystery as nobody knows exactly what causes it.
Q. What does recent research say?
A. Based on recent research, some causes are as follows:
  • Colic can stem from allergies.
  • Maternal anxiety
    (the bond between mother and baby is strong).
  • From lactose intolerance.
  • An immature digestive or nervous system.
  • From differences in the way baby is fed or comforted.
  • By abdominal pain that is caused by trapped gas in the digestive tract.
Q. How do you know when baby has colic?
A. When baby has colic,
  • Baby will cry for an average of four hours a day, especially in the evening.
  • Baby will pull legs up to tummy while arching the back.
  • Baby is subject to Inconsolable crying or abnormal eating.
Q. Is there a cure for colic?
A. Nowadays, there are generally accepted medical treatments. Your doctor or pediatrician can advise on how to proceed. Gripe water is sometimes effective.
  • Place baby in a warm bath may help, make sure the tummy area is covered by the warm water.
  • Always check the temperature of the water before immersing the baby.
  • Tell your doctor if the stools are black, very green, frothy.
Q. Is colic cause for longtime concern?
A. It will generally resolve itself by the time baby reaches 4 - 6 months old.