Q. What causes allergies?
A. An allergy can happen through various causes. When baby touches or eats something that triggers a reaction or when baby undergoes treatment by injection or inoculation.
Q. How do you recognise an allergy?
A. With contact allergy, urticaria (rash) will appear in clusters on the part that was in contact. If due to food or drink the rash may appear on the stomach, hands, face, back, or inside of the thighs. It will itch.
Q. Can certain foods cause an adverse reaction; ie. eggs, dairy products or nuts and some oils such as peanut?
A. Yes they can.
Q. Are allergies dangerous?
A. Never underestimate the danger of an allergy, always check with your doctor, pediatrician or health clinic, who may recommend using an antihistamine.
  • An allergic reaction can trigger a rash such as eczema or a form of asthma.
  • Be extra vigilant when baby has an allergy reaction, make notes and tell your doctor what occurred prior to the incident.
  • Try to determine if it was a particular food, a new garment, baby powder, lotion, cream, or soap that set it off.
  • With food, it is best to wait until baby is at least 6 months old before introducing solid food to the diet, and to leave a gap of 4 days between each new addition.