Q. What causes babies to get wind?
A. Causes:
  • Wind is caused when air is trapped in baby's tummy and is made worse as baby cries vigorously to get the pressure out of there and takes in more air.
  • Bottle-fed babies have more trouble with painful wind, mainly because the feed is taken in more quickly along with air as baby gulps the milk.
  • Baby has less control over swallowing speed.
  • Air is gulped in when baby is feeding, crying or simply breathing.
Q. How do you solve it?
A. Solutions:
  • Check the size of the hole in the bottle-teat. If it is too big then baby is gulping formula and air in too quickly.
  • Tilt the bottle when baby feeds to ensure the milk is covering the teat-hole completely. Be especially vigilant as milk levels drop.
  • Avoid letting baby slip down into a flat prone position when feeding.
  • Try giving smaller, more frequent feeds to help prevent and break up the wind.
  • Massage baby's tummy gently after feeding. Start around the belly-button and gently massage outward in a clockwise motion with your hand laid flat. Do not press down hard.